LoLo, Great for Business! Use Loyalty Tokens to attract new customers and make savings for your business when you spend with other local businesses

LoLo (Local Loyalty) is a loyalty platform that provides local  businesses a competitive advantage over the sales, booking and food ordering platforms currently in the marketplace. LoLo, rewards and motivates local people to shop locally and support local businesses.

LoLo provides a mobile app platform, with a payment, reward, redemption, marketing and feedback system all in one simple to use place. Provided at a fraction of the cost of other well-known online platforms, we charge a 3% transaction fee instead of the usual 14% to 35% .

Some of the savings you make are rewarded to your locally loyal customers in “Loyalty Tokens” as a thank you for supporting local businesses. This encourages local people to keep spending locally rather than with large international online platforms.

In a nutshell LoLo gives your local business more protection and more marketing control.

We commit to you the following:

1. We will NEVER set up in competition to you.

2. We will NEVER operate Dark Kitchens.

3. We will NEVER mine the data, identify your best sellers and then source and sell them cheaper than you.


Loyalty Tokens Encourage Loyalty

By providing loyalty tokens the customer comes back to your local business community to spend them.  Local is a good thing, the more money we keep circulation in our local economy the better off everyone is. 

The other big plus is that you will receive new business from people who have received tokens from other participating businesses. The loyalty tokens move in and out of your LoLo account. You can also use Loyalty Tokens and make savings for your business when you spend with other local businesses.

LoLo is designed to help local businesses by attracting new customers. Unlike some alternate online platforms and promotion sites that charge the business between 10% and 50% of sales to participate as well as large joining fees and monthly fees, LoLo has taken a far more responsible and supportive approach.


Our Standard Transparent Fee Structure*

Joining Fee: Nil

Monthly Fee: Nil

Transaction Fee: Only 3% of the cash sale price of your product or service.

Contract Term: Month to Month

* the business may need to up grade to a particular printer in order to operate LoLo, this may cost up the £250 to purchase. Businesses with multiple sites and special requirements may attract a non standard fee structure negotiated on a case by case basis. Where the LoLo payment system is utilised for food takeaway payments, the credit card fees will be charged to the merchant.


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LoLo is all about Local Loyalty, Local People and Local Businesses working together to build better Local Communities. Become a Localist today and help rebuild your Local Community.

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