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We believe that a strong local community is an essential part of life. We all deserve access to a vibrant high street and sommunity. We want our community to have a thriving local economy, to be rich in choice and character, and feature inviting public spaces that make local people and visitors proud to belong. Yet, we know that many high streets and business communities are struggling. Our collective mission with your support is to help your local community.


The High Street is the heart of your community.

Join us and become a Localist and get behind your Local Community.


LoLo (Local Loyalty) grew out of a recognition that a community is only as strong as its high street. Many people have given up hope about the commercial and cultural viability of our high streets. 

A way we can help is by supporting the businesses in the high street. A little local spending goes a long way because of the multiplier effect. Imagine what could happen is 1,000 people spend an extra £20 each week in their high street. That would mean that there would be an extra £80,000  per month circulating in the local community.  The reason this is so important is because local businesses recycle a much larger share of their income back into the local community than large online platforms.

Local Payroll: Local business spend a large proportion of their revenue on local labour. These wages and salaries also recirculate in the local community as people spend with local stores and businesses.

Local Procurement: Local businesses spend money on buying goods and services form other local businesses, it could be printing, accounting, signwriting, plumbing or computer networking. Again this money is recirculated into the local community when these suppliers pay wages and buy local services. 

Business Profits: Where the owners of the business live locally they also tend to spend their profits locally.

Charitable Giving: Local businesses donate a lot of money to local charities, sporting clubs and community groups who inturn use the money in the local community.

By spending locally, the multiplier effect of recirculation the money could increase its effect by 2 to 3 times.

The implication is clear, by spending locally we keep the money circulating locally, This encourages employment and increase the tax payable that punds local services. When we spend to money outside out community we are doing little to help out own community.

Your community needs more “Localists”, people that see the big picture and are prepared to change and take a stand.

Every time YOU spend money you are casting your VOTE on the kind of future Community you want.

We have a role to play to create an economy that works for all of us. LoLo is building relationships across all sectors in communities throughout the UK, leading a movement of people who know that it’s possible to create a vibrant local economy that rewards local people and supports local businesses and local employment.                                                                                     

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"Local money helps create new jobs, pay local wages and supports the local community services with tax payments. Money spent online sadly does none of this".

LoLo is all about Local Loyalty, Local People and Local Businesses working together to build better Local Communities. Become a Localist today and help rebuild your Local Community.

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