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Are you aware of the damage being done to local communities by large online shopping and ordering platforms? These large international platforms do very little for local communities, they suck money out of the communities and send it overseas. Rarely do they employ local people and rarely do they put back by way of business taxes, charity and sports sponsorships.

Some even believe it's better to build a rocket to go to Mars than to support the people currently trying to live on Earth.

We believe that a strong local community is an essential part of life. We all deserve access to a vibrant High Street and Community. We want our community to have a thriving local economy, to be rich in choice and character, and feature inviting public spaces that make local people and visitors proud to belong. Yet, we know that many High Streets and business communities are struggling. Our collective mission with your support is to help your Local Community to fight back.


The High Street is the heart of your community.

Join us and become a Localist and get behind your Local Community.


LoLo (Local Loyalty) grew out of a recognition that a community is only as strong as its High Street. Many people have given up hope about the commercial and cultural viability of our High Streets. International Online Giants are slowly but surely killing off the businesses on your High Street.

We can fight back ! If you take a stand with us and shift more of your shopping back to your local businesses.

Your community needs more “Localists”, people that see the big picture and are prepared to change and take a stand.


Every time YOU spend money you are casting your VOTE on the kind of future Community you want.


We have a role to play to create an economy that works for all of us. LoLo is building relationships across all sectors in communities throughout the UK, leading a movement of people who know that it’s possible to create a vibrant local economy that rewards local people and supports local businesses and local employment.

The Importance of Shopping Locally

There is a massive economic impact on the local community when people shop locally. Local money pays local wages and local suppliers to business. Local money pays for local taxes too. This creates a wonderful multiplier effect that grows the local economy and community well being. You don’t need to be an economist to understand that when money is spent with a large international online platform to purchase goods from overseas that almost all of the money leaves the local community, never to return. When have you ever seen these companies supporting your local community.

"Local money helps create new jobs, pay local wages and supports the local community services with tax payments. Money spent online sadly does none of this".


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LoLo is all about Local Loyalty, Local People and Local Businesses working together to build better Local Communities. Become a Localist today and help rebuild your Local Community.

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