Frequently Asked Questions: App Users

Q1. Who can join LoLo?

Anyone over the age of 16 years

Q2. What % of my payment can I make in Loyalty Tokens?

Each business sets out what % is available in Loyalty Tokens. This may vary morning, afternoon and evening 7 days a week. The business may offer a higher % in quiet times. The applicable % is determined at the exact time you pay. For example a restaurant may offer diners a 30% discount if the dine before 5pm and 15% if they dine after 5pm. If you enter the restaurant at 4.30 and pay at 5.30pm then you will receive the after 5pm discount of 15% discount.

Q3. May I transfer Loyalty Tokens?

You may transfer your Loyalty Tokens to anyone you like anytime directly from your app. Once transferred they cant be reversed without the other person doing it.

Q4. What happened to my loyalty Tokens if I close my account?

Your tokens may be transferred to anyone you like or alternatively they lapse.

Q5. Can I cash my Loyalty Tokens in?

Loyalty Tokens have NO cash redemption value. LoLo will not buy them from you. They are simply a representation of a discount similar to a discount coupon.

Frequently Asked Questions: Businesses

Q1. Who can complete the business application to join My LoLo?

If you want to apply to join a business to LoLo then you must have authority to commit your business to a contract with us. You must also be a signatory to your business's bank account.

Q2. I want to sign up multiple stores. How do I that?

If the stores operate under the same company, then you can sign them all up on the same application. If you have different companies then we need to process an application for each separate business.

Q3. How long am I committed to My LoLo?

You may terminate your account any time.

Q4.How much does My LoLo cost?

There is NO joining fee however you may need to upgrade your printer which will cost between £180 and £280. There in no monthly cost.

There is a transaction fee of 3% of the total cash sale made via My LoLo. For example, if the cash component of a LoLo sale is £50 then the fee would be (£50 x 3% = £1.50), so the fee for that transaction would be £1.50. 

Q5. How long will it take to process my application?

You may sign up online. We will have a members pack to you within 7 days

Q6 What is included in the members pack

Your business members pack will include the following:

  • Welcome Letter and next step instructions
  • Loyalty Token QR Cards pre-loaded with £20 Loyalty Tokens for you to give away
  • LoLo Window stickers
  • Lolo in store poster
  • LoLo "how to make the most of LoLo"
  • LoLo "how to transact guide"

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