Introduction and Process

Do You want to Save Money and Support Local Businesses?

One of the things you will love about LoLo is that it brings together local people and local businesses on a free phone app that allows you to save money and earn Loyalty Tokens every time you support a participating local business.  It’s a good feeling to both save money and support local businesses.

Typically you save  between 5% and 30% on you local purchases. Be aware that its unfair in the business to provide a LoLo discount on top of an already discounted item.

The amount payable in Loyalty Tokens to the business may vary depending on the time and day of the week. During quiet times the business may accept more Loyalty Tokens. You may check the deal on the app.

Using a restaurant for example, if you dine before 6.30 pm (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday) you may receive a greater saving than if you dine during their busy Friday night.

The good news is that every time you shop locally you are rewarded with LoLo Loyalty Tokens  and they may be redeemed anywhere within the LoLo business community.



The Process to Collect and Save with Loyalty Tokens

Step 1: Download the app and receive £20 Loyalty Tokens for FREE. Grab some extra tokens by telling us a little about your passions

Step 2: Search your area for participating businesses

Step 3: Make a booking, call a tradesperson or just visit the store

Step 4: On payment use the app to scan the QR code and claim your Local Loyalty discount

Step 5: Review the business and receive even more Loyalty Tokens

Step 6: Return to search and support another local business

“The more you support local businesses the more you save and support your community”


Join LoLo now, receive £20 in loyalty tokens and start saving today. 

Every pound you spend locally is a vote for your community. Shop Local and Support Local.

LoLo is all about Local Loyalty, Local People and Local Businesses working together to build better Local Communities. Become a Localist today and help rebuild your Local Community.

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