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We believe that a strong local community is an essential part of life. We all deserve access to a vibrant Local High Street and Community. We want our community to have a thriving local economy, to be rich in choice and character, and feature inviting public spaces that make local people and visitors proud to belong. Our collective mission with your support is to Love Local and help our Local Communities.


Every time YOU spend money you are casting your VOTE on the kind of future Community you want.


The Importance of Shopping Locally and Loving Local.

There is a massive economic impact on the local community when people shop locally. Local money pays local wages and local suppliers to business. Local money pays for local taxes too. This creates a wonderful multiplier effect that grows the local economy and community well being. You don’t need to be an economist to understand that when money is spent with a large international online platform to purchase goods from overseas that almost all of the money leaves the local community, never to return. When have you ever seen these companies supporting your local community.

"Money spent helps create new jobs, pay local wages and supports the local community services with tax payments. Money spent online sadly does none of this, lIt's in our interest to all be Loving Local"


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LoLo is all about Local Loyalty, Local People and Local Businesses working together to build better Local Communities. Become a Localist today and help rebuild your Local Community.

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