3 Ways To Earn Loyalty Tokens


You may be rewarded with additional loyalty tokens by helping us to grow your loyalty community.  LoLo needs both businesses and app users. 

Tell a Friend

By using the “Tell a friend” function on the app you will receive a bonus of £2 loyalty tokens for every friend that downloads LoLo.  They will receive £20 loyalty tokens for joining and you all get to save more money by shopping locally.

e.g.  If 20 of your friends join LoLo you will receive an additional £40 of loyalty tokens.


Review a Business

Every time you review a business you receive thank you loyalty tokens for taking the time to complete the review. This is a great way to show some extra Love.


Invite a Business

By using the “Invite a Business” function you will receive a bonus of £50 in loyalty tokens when they join.


Invite a Club, Association or Charity

By using the “Invite a Business” function below you may also nominate your favorite clubs, associations or charities to get involved with LoLo.  We have developed a unique way to financially support them and help further improve your local community.

Business, Club, Association or Charity Invitation

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LoLo is all about Local Loyalty, Local People and Local Businesses working together to build better Local Communities. Become a Localist today and help rebuild your Local Community.

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